The Red Riding Hood Lesson: A Red Ruby of Wisdom

The Red Riding Hood Lesson: A Red Ruby of Wisdom

Red Riding Hood and Wolf

Ever stopped to contemplate what spawned the story of Little Red Riding Hood? There really is a valuable Red Riding Hood lesson contained within that old tale. Keep reading and you will find a nugget of truth and red ruby of wisdom contained within this classic fairy tale. I will share with you a simple sock doll of this famous character at the end. So stay with me till the end, all right?

Listen to Your Parents’ Instructions

The story of Red Riding Hood contains lessons today that I think have vastly been forgotten. There are a lot of funny and entertaining storybooks and cartoons depicting it; but the real point of the story is often left out or greatly blurred. Little Red Riding Hood’s mother had some instructions for Little Red to follow and obey. It was critical to obey her instructions precisely. ” Don’t run, but go quickly. Don’t doddle or get distracted along the way. Whatever you do, absolutely don’t talk to any strangers!”

Red Riding Hood and Wolf

Oh, You Sly Wolf!

Red Riding Hood was given cakes and cider for her ill grandmother. (She needn’t drop and break it by being careless.) She wasn’t gone long when she encounters the Wolf, who is quite sly and crafty as the proverbial wolf almost always is. The Wolf has evil intentions but pretends to be nice. This is precisely what many kidnappers of children do. Red Riding Hood so easily forgets her mother’s admonition not to speak to strangers. The Wolf’s stealthy plan to distract Red Riding Hood with the pretty flowers, the beautiful scenery, and the chirping of birds is quite successful. Often in life the temptations of the world are quite enticing. Do we fall for these evil temptations or do we determine to heed the instructions of truth and prevail against the “wiles of the devil”? A similar theme is depicted in Pinocchio, who doesn’t listen to the cricket.


Disappointing Results–Maybe

Red Riding Hood and Grandmother

In the end, Red Riding Hood, as well as her grandmother, are eaten by the Wolf. The character of the Hunter has been inserted into the tale to ease the consequence for not heeding her mother’s instructions. He depicts mercy in life granted us in spite of our foolish mistakes.

Think about it though: Red Riding Hood freely gave out the location of her grandmother’s house, and by doing so, endangered the life of her grandmother and herself. The prevailing theme of this tale is the absolute importance of obedience to parents and truly hearing the instructions and wisdom of older experienced people. So please, children, do not speak to strangers–or you just might get eaten by a wolf!


A Word from Ollie

Hello, there. I’m Ollie Owl, and I have seen Red Riding Hood frequent this forest on her way to her grandmother’s house. How do you like the story of Red Riding Hood? Speaking to strangers can bring great harm to you. There are wolves in these woods that we must avoid at all costs. It will save us much trouble in life–and possibly our feathers and life! There are many wolves in our world, you know, lurking around every corner. Be aware and find friends you and your parents can trust. Always obey and listen to your parents and teachers. A wise son or daughter will listen to the instructions of the older and wiser. Well, Whooo, Whooo!  Maybe I’ll see you the next time you come to this blog (Storybook Dolls). Bye, bye!

A Red Riding Hood Sock Doll

Red Riding Hood sock doll

Here is an old pattern I have that will enable someone to make a Red Riding Hood doll out of a sock! When you are done, it can be a toy, or you could make a puppet version and perform a show about Little Red Riding Hood. Common fabrics are used to make it, but some skill in embroidery may be required for the face, although it is possible to use crayon or colored pencil and apply the colors onto the fabric before it is sewn together.

This is not a kid project though, but I am sure children will enjoy helping make it. There would definitely need to be adult guidance if children choose to help. Even so, I would start with my bunny rabbit and frog tutorials before doing this one. Not that this is difficult–not at all. I would just start with one of the aforementioned ones if you are a beginner. It isn’t much harder, but you do need to make the clothes too, which is another step. Oh, and be sure to use ribbed socks if you ever choose to do this project. I plan to write a post specifically about making a Red Riding Hood doll, so you may want to be looking for that one down the road. This is just an introduction. There definitely is so much more to come.

Red Riding Hood sock doll

The Fairy Tale Mesh

So let’s bring it all together. We have learned a valuable Red Riding Hood lesson as well as heard an introduction about making a Red Riding doll. If you are a parent, why not make this doll and use it while you tell the story to your children? Be sure to bring out the lesson of listening, obeying, being wise, alert, cautious, and not talking to strangers. This is also something you can discuss while making the doll together (or make it and talk about it later).

Teachers will also find this article helpful in the classroom. It is classic literature with a good lesson. The doll would really bring the lesson to life too. It is interactive, and children love that. Right, children. Talk to your parents or teachers, and maybe you will hear this story differently and have fun interacting with it. So there you have it: a fairy tale mesh. I call it that because this website is all about meshing stories, such as fairy tales, with dolls and stuffed animals. So come back soon, and maybe you will see another doll you recognize from a story you have heard. Oh–just one more thing–read a story today. You just might learn another lesson.




30 thoughts on “The Red Riding Hood Lesson: A Red Ruby of Wisdom

  1. Great article Rob! And easy to follow instructions as usual!

    I always wondered how come Red Riding Hood was eaten and then a hunter found her and cut the wolf’s belly open!

    And out jumped Little REd and Granny!

    In Perrault’s version she didn’t survive though!

    Very good moral and love the way you highlight it! Even good for us grown up adults!


    1. So glad you enjoyed reading about this classic tale and additional thoughts. Yes, in the original, they were eaten, and there was no Huntsman; but it was added to soften the story a bit. The original as harsh, but the lesson truly is a harsh reality. Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. You know, I never thought about the lessons that were in the Little Red Riding Hood story. But you are right, there are a few lessons in there for kids, important ones at that! I love the sock doll, would love to see a picture of this completed. Looks like another fun project for the kids, thank you!

  3. I never thought about why Red Riding Hood gave the location so easily. Yeah I guess children need to listen advise more but it is quite hard as they always want to do what they want.

  4. Wow, it’s really such a dark story! I guess most old fairytales are, but with such and important message! I don’t think I ever really got the moral as a kid.

    Thanks so much, so interesting, and such a cute pattern!

  5. Thank you Robert for bring back a memory from the past. I remember hearing this story at a very young age. My mom used to read this story to my sisters and I and always warned us of the wolf. There would be people that we would meet that may be up to no good. Great life lesson that has stuck with me through the years

  6. Robert, great post I really loved this article you did a great job bringing out the importance of listening to your parents. These stories are the way the world is today which is evil. Oh, the sock puppet very interesting too children will love making them with some help from their parents.

  7. Most people, even parents, seem to gloss over the lessons taught in children’s books and stories. It’s refreshing to see that not only are their lessons in these stories, but that parents are recognizing those lessons. It’s easy to miss. Thank you, great insight here.

    1. Finally replying to your comment. Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. There is much to be gathered from old stories and fairy tales. If it causes one to think about it in a morally upright way–to ponder their path–it’s worth it all.

  8. I can relate through with this as I grew up reading and watching hundred times the story of red riding hood. I will bookmark this so I could do it with my daughter when she turns older to follow patterns. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. Very valuable story to teach safety awareness. Also, keep in mind that statistics show that most children are hurt by people they know. Maybe there is a story in there somewhere of how children can speak freely about things bothering them.
    But, yes definitely, they need to stay safe.

  10. This is indeed some deep stuff and nothing I’ve even thought about before. The lesson that little red riding hood should’ve listened to her mother or she may be eaten by a wolf caught me off-guard but it is 100% true. Children need to know that the world isn’t safe all the time and they need to be careful. Great article, I’ll be back for more because this is amazing stuff!

  11. Hi Robert!
    You really brought an old semi-forgotten tale to life!
    I had read both versions but forgot that the original did not have the Huntsman included to save the day in the end.
    And the idea of making a doll to tie in with the story is brilliant. You are right, it is a gem.

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