80’s Stuffed Animals: Adorable and Whimsical Playthings (Part 2)

80’s Stuffed Animals: Adorable and Whimsical Playthings (Part 2)

Our last post described some of the 80’s stuffed animals and reminisced about some of the loveable animals you may have grown up with.  If you haven’t read that post, I am sure you will quite enjoy it if you find yourself on this page.  In this post, I would like to share with you a few more whimsical stuffed animal characters of the 80’s that I did not include in the first article.  Some of these are among my very favorites.  So have a seat, if you aren’t already seated, and reminisce with me, dear friend.

Garfield Window Stick-ons

Garfield window stick-on
photo by DebBabes

Remember this guy.  He was everywhere in the 80’s.  John must have been on the road a lot, and Garfield always seemed to be tagging along–at least this is the impression one would get cruising the highway during this decade and beyond.  Garfield stick-ons were ubiquitous.  Jim Davis is not only a talented cartoonist but also a marketing genius. It was he who was sparked with the idea that evolved into Garfield stick-ons (car window toys).  This became a great way of getting not only children but also teenagers and adults interested in his sarcastic feline via this automobile “extra.”  I still remember sitting in the back of our ’85 voyager near the back hatch, playing with Garfield and his adhering suction cups on the way to school.

Fieval Mouse

Fieval MouseI was in second grade. I remember the commercial for the most adorable mouse I had ever seen.  The movie The American Tale had just come out, and Sears had capitalized on it.  I got excited when going there during the holiday season–and it wasn’t because I wanted to look at washers, dryers, or refrigerators.  I wanted to see Fieval Mouse.  I wanted that plush animal for Christmas, but I didn’t think I would get one.  They were probably expensive, but I secretly hoped Santa would bring me one.  Weeks passed.  Finally, Christmas day arrived and I was elated to open my gifts.  I finally got to one of the last gifts–one that looked rather bulky.  As I tore into the paper, I was ecstatic when I saw that adorable pal I had been longing for.  Not only was that doll cute, but his clothes were quite unique.  His dark blue hat and red shirt were velvet: a texture I am still very fond of.

And I don’t think I was alone.  Thos Don Bluth films were popular at the time, esp. the Fieval movies as well as The Land Before Time.  Yes, I am sure there were a lot of other boys and girls who got Fieval Mouse for Christmas that year.  Did you see the movie or own this stuffed toy?  I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.


AlfAlien Life Form (ALF) was a popular show in the 80’s.  He was hilarious, wasn’t he?  There was something about a puppet interacting with people– and that very human-like sense of humor– that made it almost believable.  Well, they seem to have made a doll to represent just about every show or movie that appeared in the 80’s–a trend that continues today.  Some of them were simply plush creatures with that shaggy fake hair; others were puppets, I believe.  He wasn’t scary either.  Often, aliens from outer space have an eerie or scary sense about them.  But not Alf.  He was too funny to take too seriously.

Popples plush dollPopples

I remember many of the children in my class having these guys.  My friends brought them to school to play with at recess.  They were so fun because you could turn them into a ball, sort of like an armadillo–but of course, they look and feel nothing alike.  These balls of joys were so soft, fluffy, and cuddly you just had to love them.  As with many other dolls and stuffed animals of this decade, there was an animated cartoon made about these whimsical creatures.  Again, as was true of other dolls of the 80’s, what made these so novel was the interaction children received from these toys.  They were more than a stuffed toy. Children could turn them into a ball and kick them around.  I remember some that turned into soccer balls and basketballs.  This really got thw boys interested in them too.  I even remember once kicking a soccer Popple around in the store aisle with my twin brother.  Shhh! Don’t tell.


Wuzzles plush dollsI will never forget these creatures.  They were quite strange to look at but very friendly-looking and cute.  Some creatures of the era were simply monsters, but these were not.  What made them unique was that they combined the features of two animals (like a combination of a bumble bee and a lion–Bumblelion), which really isn’t very unique, is it?  But the creators’ morphing them together into half species is what made them unique and memorable.  They made children laugh, and I was one of those children.  And of course, they made an animated cartoon for these guys too.  Watching the Wuzzles cartoons made us children want to collect all the plush animals and reenact the shows–or create our own episode.

Fluppy Dogs

Fluppy Dogs
photo by Eve Lopez

These adorable pups were mostly for girls, but believe it or not, I really wanted one.  A yellow one though–not pink!  There was something about the simple old-fashioned design that I liked.  The hair of these fluppy dogs was like yarn.  That gave them a more homemade look, even though they were mass produced for toy retailers.  Their noses were like large pom-poms, again– creating a homemade style toy.  That feature really produced smiles upon the faces of many who saw them.  And, of course, no puppy dog stuffed animal is quite complete without a dog tag.  The cartoon series really brought them to life and added a storyline to these unique fluppy dogs. (They’re not your average pups!).




15 thoughts on “80’s Stuffed Animals: Adorable and Whimsical Playthings (Part 2)

  1. I was born in the 80s, so i’d say the 90s were more my thing. But i do remember Garfield and that ALF rings a bell…it’s almost aroused a latent memory I forgot I had.
    Great post, and good to reminisce about the good old days lol.

  2. That was an interesting read. Garfield certainly brought back childhood memories for me. I had a cushion with Garfield’s pic painted on it ! It was special for me as my aunt had made it for me.

  3. As someone who was born in the 90s, I seem to only recognize 2 out of your 6! Garfield and Fieval are easily recognized, but the others are mysterious to me. I always find it interesting to learn about the things that came before me, thank you for sharing!

    1. I am glad to hear you enjoyed learning about some of the dolls of the 80’s. There is a part one in this series if you care to look at those stuffed dolls too. Thank you for your input.

  4. Alf was awesome! I remember watching it every single day. He always had something sarcastic to say. What were your top 3 favorite episodes?

    1. Great to hear you enjoyed Alf. I will have to think about my favorite episodes. Hmmm. Been a long time. There is one that comes to mind just now. The one when Alf questions eating cats. A basket full of kittens reveals that he is really a softie at heart.

  5. Now that’s an article that brought back some very fond childhood memories. You really brought a smile to my face. Thank you for the pleasant time travel to an era that I believe is very fond to all of us in our mid 30s.

    1. My feelings too. It was a time travel, wasn’t it? Fond memories to me too. So glad I could bring a smile to someone’s face today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Awesome article. It was nice to go down memory lane with these adorable stuffed animals…Alf was indeed hilarious (still watch the show from time to time), Garfield was an absolute favorite of mine growing up. A great trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. So glad you enjoyed your stroll down Memory Lane. It is my goal to provide content people want to see and know about. I also enjoyed both Alf and Garfield–two very popular items in the 80s. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Awesome article. It brought back so many memories for me. I loved Alf when I was growing up. May have to hint at husband to get me a doll of him for birthday. Thank you

    1. So glad you enjoyed the article. Others have said the same thing–that it brought back so many memories of their childhood. Glad to know that the articles are doing some good for others in this world.

  8. I never knew the popples or wuzzles. Not sure if that makes me really old, or too young LOL. I was always a tomboy though, so dolls and that sort of thing wasn’t really for me 🙂 I was more into playing with the boys, climbing trees, playing basketball or football, and that sort of thing. I do remember seeing Garfield everywhere though, and I never could figure out why all the hype!

    1. I do remember all of these, but I suppose it has to do with when someone was born as well as what they were exposed to. Yes, Garfield was all the craze. I suppose it has to do with what becomes popular. Today there are things popular that I also wonder, “Why all the craze?” Like all these gadgets and phones that do about everything except for calling. I rarely see anyone calling these days. Kind of funny, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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